The Pilates Element


Pilates is a body conditioning exercise programme suitable for all ages and abilities.  My classes are friendly, fun and enjoyable.

Emily Pollington, member of FHT, qualified instructor.

Pilates classes are held in the church hall on Tuesdays from 7.00-8.00 pm.  For more information, please contact instructor Emily Pollington, 01634 256942, 07940233296, Also on Facebook.


For Your Diary

Wednesday 6th December:

12.00 Christmas Lunch Church Hall, Cuxton.  All welcome.


Saturday 9th December:

10:00 am: Christmas Fair and Coffee Morning in the Church Hall, Cuxton.

There will be a variety of stalls, including old favourites and some new, beverages and pastries, a grand raffle and a visit from you know whom.


1.00 pm: Christmas Festivities at Halling Community Centre.  Please look out for details.


7.30 pm: Christmas Music in the Church Hall, Cuxton.  An evening of light-hearted Yule-tide entertainment.  All welcome.


Friday 15th December:

5.30 onwards: Lighting of Christmas Tree lights and open air Carol Singing at Cuxton Library.

Epiphany and Candlemas – Light in the Darkness

How do you make the most of important Christian festivals which fall on weekdays? What makes them special.  One year, we were celebrating Epiphany with an evening communion service.  There was a power cut.  We found a volunteer to hand pump the organ and gave everybody a candle.  This was appropriate and special.  Jesus is the Light of the World and Epiphany (the 6th January, the visit of the Wise Men) celebrates Jesus being made known to all nations.  In 2018, we shall celebrate Epiphany, as we have in recent years, with a 9.30 am Communion service at St Michael’s, followed by brunch in the church hall.  People seem to be fascinated by the fact that the Rector can scramble eggs in a microwave and there will also be bacon rolls (much more skilfully prepared) and toast and marmalade.  Do come along.  All welcome.


Officially, the Last Day of Christmas is Candlemas (2nd February) when Mary and Joseph took the 40 day old baby Jesus to Jerusalem for His Presentation in the Temple and Mary’s Purification.  It too, is a festival of light – Jesus the Light of the World – and traditionally the church candles were blessed at this service.  Two very elderly people – Simeon and Hannah – recognised the baby Jesus for Who He truly is and Simeon sang the song we call Nunc Dimittis.  In 2018, we shall meet at St Michael’s at 5.00 pm (after school for the children, not too late for older people who might not want to be out at night.)  There will be a “different” Communion service, followed by tea in the Rectory.  Again, all welcome.